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Delivery Details

Delivery is something none of us want to worry about. I mean, you place your order, and you want it to arrive quickly and in good condition. So do we. #BeRudeNotTo ! 

We tried to be innovative. We tried to estimate the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow, but that turned out to be far too complex. We tried to train flying monkeys, but apparently that only work in films. Films lie. We don't. Don't even get us started on Iron Man. Perfect delivery method we thought, but no, doesn't exist. Seriously Hollywood, what gives?!

So, after all our attempts to make a truly unique and special delivery service, I'm afraid we ended up with old fashioned Royal Mail.

We'll package it up nice for you, and then we'll get the nice lady or man to deliver it to your door, using a van, or a bike, or a skateboard, whatever, we don't mind! Although an army of skateboarding delivery people would be cool, we could call it MailSkate. Okay, we'll stay away from that idea.

Basically though, it will be delivered by someone nice, so be nice to them too :)

If you have any problems with your delivery, then please, please, please feel fre to contact us on the contact page, we'll get back to you very quickly. I mean, even if you just want a chat, we get lonely too you know.

We hope you enjoy our products, and have a lovely RUDE day!